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Smoke Alarm Installation Request Form

  1. Notice:

    You MUST be a resident of the City of Pontiac and own the property for which the alarms will be installed. Firefighters are required to install the alarms. As a requirement of the program, we cannot hand them out to you at the fire station.

  2. You MUST live within the city of Pontiac.

  3. This number will not be shared with any outside organization, it is only for us to be able to contact you to set up installation.

  4. Do you own or rent your home?*

    If you rent, we will follow up with your landlord/property management to get the required detectors installed in your home.

  5. Do you have working smoke alarms in your home?*
  6. Best time to contact you to install the alarms?*

    We will contact you to set up a convenient time for us to come install the alarms in your home.

  7. What is the best email address we can use to contact you? If you do not have one, please leave blank.

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