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Backyard Chicken Permit Application

  1. Keeping Backyard Chickens Information:

    1.    The number of chickens shall be limited to no more than six (6) birds and no ducks, geese, turkeys, peafowl, male chickens/roosters, or any other poultry or fowl are allowed.

    2.    Chickens shall be kept in an enclosed area with a coop that provides for the free movement of chickens and are not permitted to be free range. The coop must have a roof, and be completely secured from predators, including all openings, ventilation holes, doors, and gates. No more than one coop allowed per permitted parcel. 

    3.    The coop shall not exceed 100 square feet.

    4.    The chicken coop shall be kept in the rear yard. The chicken coop shall be situated a minimum of 25 feet from the nearest neighbor’s residence and at least 5 feet from all property lines.

    5.    Persons wishing to have chickens in residential districts shall be subject to a compliance inspection after permit issuance. Accessibility and allowable entry shall be required for such inspection.

    6.    The coop shall provide a minimum of four (4) square feet per chicken and provide nesting boxes (one box per 2-3 hens) and roosting areas be of sufficient size to permit free movement of the chickens. The coop may not be taller than six feet measured from the natural grade. The coop must be easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

    7.    The coops and surrounding area shall be kept clean, sanitary, and odor free at all times.

    8.    Chickens shall not be permitted to create a nuisance consisting of odor, noise, or pests, or contribute to any other nuisance condition.

    9.    All stored feed must be kept in a rodent and predator-proof container.

    10.    The chickens shall be for personal use only, and there shall be no sales of products from the residence and the breeding of chickens for commercial purposes shall not be allowed.

    11.    Notwithstanding the issuance of a permit by the City, private restrictions on the use of property shall remain enforceable and take precedence over a permit. Private restrictions include but are not limited to deed restrictions, condominium master deed restrictions, neighborhood association by-laws, and deed covenants. A permit issued to a person whose property is subject to private restrictions that prohibit the keeping of chickens and large animals is void. The interpretation and enforcement of the private restriction is the sole responsibility of the private parties involved.

    12.    Failure to comply with these standards, or any other standards imposed by the conditional use permit shall result in the permit being revoked by the Administrative Official.

  2. *Backyard chickens are allowed only in a single-family residential zoning district.
  3. The following items are to be attached:
    1. Picture and/or plans of coop structure for site inspection verification
    2. Site plan of property showing location of coop and setbacks
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  5. Fee: $50
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