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Community Recreation Center

The Recreation Center is a 50,000 square foot building located at 900 N. Elm Street. It is connected to the existing swimming pool at Pontiac Township High School. 
The Rec Center houses the following facilities: An air-conditioned gymnasium 200 foot by 115 foot with three full-sized basketball courts. The courts will also be striped for volleyball and badminton. Suspended divider curtains can be lowered to allow the gym to be split into six half court activity areas (each with two hoops for small court use). The gym floor itself is a maple design, taraflex synthetic material.A 22 foot by 32 foot cardiovascular equipment room with state of the art exercise machines, consisting of treadmills and ellipticals. Participants will be able to work out while watching television monitors or listening to audio selections through headphones.A 23 foot by 20 foot multi-purpose room that is netted for golf ball hitting as well as baseball and softball. Located on second floor.A 28 foot by 38 foot senior / community room with television, card tables, and an easy access catering kitchen that can also be used as a concession stand for high school activities.A 50 foot by 40 foot activity room with mirrored walls and maple wood flooring. This room will be ideal for classes in exercise and aerobics, dance, and tumbling.Access to the existing swimming pool when not in use by the high school for instruction and swim team. A new sundeck for the pool has been added to the west side of the pool.An 18 foot by 21 foot weight area, which includes a low back extension, a leg extension, a seated leg curl, a seated row-back, a chest press, and an abdominal machine.An elevated, perimeter track. The three-lane track is open to the gym below, it covers one-tenth of a mile and has three lanes available for walking, jogging, or running.  Les Mills Fitness Theater on first floor.  Restrooms adjacent to the senior / community room and a family changing area. Men's and women's locker rooms and showers are available at the pool. Also, restroom for the gym that can be used from the outside for high school games and events.Second Floor is accessible by both elevator and stairs.Six new tennis courts to the south of the building have been constructed to replace the old tennis courts that now serve as parking for the Community Center.Two 26 foot by 30 foot classrooms separated by a folding partition to allow for larger classes and community programs. Will also be used by high school for student instruction.An 18 foot by 21 foot weight area, which includes a low back extension, a leg extension, a seated leg curl, a seated row-back, a chest press and an abdominal machine.