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Posted on: September 20, 2022

Request for Qualifications: Design & Construction Engineering Services








October 3, 2022

Public Notice

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Professional Engineering Services

Ewing Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension and Lift Station



The City of Pontiac invites IDOT prequalified firms to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to provide professional engineering and construction engineering services for a sanitary sewer project for the City of Pontiac, Illinois.  These requests are in accordance with the Brooks Act, (40 USC 11) and the FWHA’s requirements for procurement, management, and administration of engineering and design related services (23 CFR 172).


The City of Pontiac is planning a sanitary sewer extension and lift station for the purpose of providing sanitary sewer to underserved areas of Pontiac with local funds.  


The Project Description and Preliminary Scope of Services (below) provide a summary of major items that will be encountered during Phase I Planning services, Phase II Design Engineering, and Phase III Construction Engineering services. 


Statement of Qualifications will be limited to a total of twelve (12) pages.  Submissions shall be submitted via email with the subject line of the email to read, “City of Pontiac ITEP Engineering Services” to: 


Jim Woolford, City Administrator


Submittal deadline:  4:00 pm on October 3, 2022.  Electronic submittals are required.  


All SOQs received after the above noted deadline or not meeting the requirements stipulated herein will not be used as part of our consultant selection process.

Project Overview

The project consists of sanitary sewer extension and sanitary lift station.   The sanitary sewer extension will consist of sanitary sewer main, fittings, and appurtenances related to the connection to existing sanitary sewer and extension of main.  Fittings for sanitary sewer services will extend to the right of way line.  Sanitary sewer lift station will consist of a wet well, pumps, floats, electrical panel, electrical connection for backup generator, and accessories needed for complete operation of lift station.  


Preliminary Scope of Services

The requested engineering services and responsibilities may include—but are not limited to—the following:

  1. Phase I Planning services, Phase II Design Engineering & Right-of-Way Acquisition
    1. Detailed topographic survey as necessary for planning and design of the project
    2. Locate and/or establish property, right of way, and easement boundaries
    3. Preparation of detailed plans and specifications
    4. Preparation of contract proposal and all necessary bidding documents (State Letting)
    5. Preparation of Construction Cost Estimate
    6. Preparation of Estimate of Time
    7. Design submission for City, IDOT, and Utility agency review at 30%, 60%, and 90% design
    8. Preparation of any necessary post letting plan revisions
    9. Coordination and meetings with City, IDOT, utility companies, and adjacent property owners
    10. Preparation of record drawings
    11. Preparation of necessary environmental and geotechnical reviews, investigations, and reports
    12. Obtain Environmental, Biological, Cultural, IDOT and all other necessary permits or signoffs
    13. Adherence to all applicable codes and regulations
  2. Phase III Construction Engineering, Material Testing and Documentation services in accordance with IDOT policy and procedures

Project design to be completed utilizing the latest edition of the Standard Specifications for Water and Sewer Construction in Illinois, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, and other applicable local and regional guidelines and standards.

Guidelines for Preparing the Statement of Qualifications

The purpose for these guidelines is to ensure consistency in format and content in the SOQ prepared by consultants and submitted to the City of Pontiac.    

 Minimum Consultant Qualifications

Only consultants which meet the following qualifications will be considered for selection.

  1. Licensed to practice as a Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois
  2. Licensed to practice as a Land Surveyor in the State of Illinois
  3. Registered and authorized to do business in the State of Illinois
  4. Utilization of AutoCAD Civil 3D compatible system.
  5. IDOT Prequalified in the following categories: (Prime may satisfy some IDOT prequalification requirements through subconsultants if necessary.)
    1. Special Plans – Pumping Stations
    2. Special Studies – Location Drainage
    3. Special Services – Construction Inspection
    4. Special Services – Surveying
    5. Environmental Reports – Environmental Assessment

Submission Requirements

Submissions will be limited to a total of twelve (12) pages or less including a cover letter and resume biographies, and include the following:

  1. Firm description and organization structure and location of offices in proximity to project site.  (1 page)  If you plan to enter a joint venture with another firm for this project, please note the name of the firm on your RFQ. 
  2. Relevant project experience.  (2 pages) Include information demonstrating past performance.  This may include awards, client quotes, schedule, and financial budget data, etc.   
  3. Proposed project approach.  (1 page) Describe the detailed scope of work for the project, including number of personnel that will be involved in the project approach and resources required for successful completion of the project. At a minimum, the scope of work and project approach should include the following:
    1. Review of the project location for existing conditions.
    2. Discussion on proposed measures (lift station, electrical, sanitary sewer, etc.) on the specified sewer with IEPA, and IDOT Policy.
    3. Outline of all professional services required to complete these projects.
  4. Provide a proposed schedule to accomplish this scope of work and proposed team member workload capacity.
  5. Provide resumes for key project team staff, including experience and credentials.
  6. List any subconsultants you intend to utilize and include their qualifications and resumes (excluding ROW services and geotechnical services).
  7. Provide at least three references for similar projects. 
  8. Provide proof of Professional Liability Insurance

Each applicant should submit one (1) electronic PDF file of the SOQ to Jim Woolford by email @ prior to the submission deadline.  The subject line of the email should read “City of Pontiac Lift Station Engineering Services”.

Selection Process

Selection will be in accordance with The Brooks Act, (40 USC 11) and the FHWA’s requirements for Procurement, Management, and Administration of Engineering and Design related Services (23 CFR 172) to promote open competition by advertising, ranking, selecting, and negotiating contracts based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the type of engineering and design related services being procured.


Firms are to submit a written Statement of Qualifications which presents the firm’s qualifications and understanding of the work to be performed. The evaluation criteria and weighting for this project is as follows:

  • Technical Approach (20%)
  • Relevant Firm Project Experience on Federal Funded Projects (20%)
  • Specialized Expertise (10%)
  • Staff Capabilities (Prime/Sub) (20%)
  • Workload Capacity (10%)
  • Past Performance (10%)
  • Local Presence and Proximity to Project Site (10%)

A selection committee comprised of staff from the City of Pontiac will evaluate all Statements of Qualifications (SOQs). SOQs will be reviewed, evaluated, and scored using the criteria defined above.  The City may select the most qualified firm based on the SOQ’s only and not provide for interviews.  Consultants will be evaluated and scored using the criteria defined above and the highest scoring firm will be selected for contract negotiations. If a contract cannot be successfully negotiated, the next highest scoring firm will be contacted for contract negotiations. The contract award will be made by the Pontiac City Council and their decision will be final.  Any time or services required to prepare and submit the SOQ’s shall not be reimbursed by the City.  SOQ’s submitted will not be returned. 

Prior to selection and award to a consultant, that consultant shall submit their Disclosure Statement (BDE DISC 2) regarding Conflicts of Interest and Suspension and Debarment.


Currently, the City anticipates entering into a Phase I Engineering services Agreement in Fall of 2022 with approximately 4 months to complete Phase I engineering services.  Phase 2 and Phase 3 engineering services will immediately follow on an expediated schedule.   

Contact Information

 Any questions regarding the project, Qualification Based Selection (QBS), or Consultant Selection Process should be directed to Jim Woolford, City Administrator in writing or via email at ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY October 3, 2022 at 4:00 pm Central.  The Request for Qualifications relative to this project will be referenced for availability on the City of Pontiac public website at least 14 days prior to the acceptance of SOQ’s.  

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