Police Officer Testing


Application Packets can be downloaded here

Return to:

Pontiac Police Department
413N. Mill St.
Pontiac, IL. 61764

OR pontiacpd@pontiac.org

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age 21 to under 35 at time of appointment.  Waivers exist for military and certified police officers by statute*
  • US Citizen or permanent legal resident alien eligible to legally work in the U.S.
  • Possess an Associates Degree OR 60 hours toward a Bachelor's Degree OR 2 Years Active Duty Military OR 180 days Active Duty Combat Duty certified by the DOD.     (65 ILCS 5/10-2.1-6 (h))
  • Good Moral Character
  • No felony convictions or certain misdemeanors that reflect on character
  • Eyesight must be correctable to 20/20, normal peripheral vision, no impairment of color blindness


  1. Application is due 5:00 PM Friday June 10th, 2022 and must include:
    1. Application
    2. photocopy of degree, transcript or DD214
    3. photocopy of picture ID
    4. photocopy of birth certificate

      The Following Forms are Due by the POWER test date but may be sent early

    5. Rules Form
    6. Physical Aptitude Test Release of all Liabilities
    7. Test Release
  2. Physical Exam Options (Indicate option on Application)
    1. Supply valid P.O.W.E.R. card issued 3:00 pm Wednesday June 15 OR
    2. Attend Physical Agility Test Wednesday June 15, 5:30  pm OR
    3. Attend Physical Agility Test Saturday June 18, 10:00 am.
  3. Written Exam  Remote Exam
    1. Take when convenient for you June 22nd, but must be done by 11:59 pm
    2. Access code given by email to all who successfully complete Physical Agility Test requirement
    3. Must agree to specific integrity rules
    4. When you begin, each section is timed
    5. Passing candidates will be questioned on the polygraph regarding exam integrity
    6. Study Materials and Practice Exam can be purchased here
  4. Oral Exam To be Determined
  5. Initial Eligibility List published within one week of last interview
  6. Final Eligibility List published after 10 day Preference Point period.

Department and Job Information

Pontiac Police Officers are represented by the PBPA and have a collective bargaining agreement with the city that expires April 1, 2024.  Current starting salary is $52,656 with annual increases and education incentives of $750/year for an Associates Degree or $1,500/year for a Bachelors Degree added to the base pay.  The city offers employees 100% Medical, Dental and Vision as well as a life insurance plan and a 50% employee share for family insurance.  Officers participate in a VEBA account and the Illinois Downstate Pension.  Officers are eligible for 50% of their pay upon retirement with 20 years of service and increase 2.5% per additional year with a maximum at 75% and 30 years of service.  The city and the union enjoy a great working relationship.  There is a current residency requirement of 15 miles which reaches smaller communities nearby.  

The department employs 19 sworn officers.  Its structure is a Chief, Major, 3 Sergeants, 3 Corporals 3 Investigators, 1 SRO, 1 K-9 Unit, 6 patrol officers and 2 civilian administrative staff.  

Pontiac and the Area

Pontiac is the county seat of Livingston County.  It has a population of 11,150 as of 2020 census.  Pontiac is located along the north flowing Vermilion River, Historic US Route 66 and is a frequent destination of Rt. 66 travelers.  The city boasts the Illinois Rt.66 Museum, Pontiac/Oakland Auto Museum, Gilders Museum and War Museum.  It is a small town with great outdoor activities around such as numerous fishing locations, hunting, hiking etc.  The Police Department operates with the trust of the community and share a partnership to solve community issues.      

Application Can Be Downloaded Here