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What is A.I.R.?

Adaptive & Inclusive Recreation (A.I.R.) is a county-wide therapeutic recreation program which focuses on the personal development of individuals who are unable to participate in a traditional recreation program. The A.I.R. program promotes the four aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional, and social) through various activities focusing on physical development and athletics, leisure activities, and fine arts.

A.I.R. is sponsored by the City of Pontiac through their Parks & Recreation Department.

Who Is Eligible?

Individuals whom are unable to have their therapeutic recreational needs met by traditional programs are eligible to participate in A.I.R. programs. This includes: Individuals with developmental, physical and/or learning disabilities; sensory, genetic, and/or behavior disorders; autism or emotional difficulties. Eligibility is also extended to those living in group homes and nursing homes.

Mission Statement

The A.I.R. program is designed to maintain and enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through comprehensive, specialized recreation programs, activities and special events.

Philosophy of A.I.R.

It is the philosophy of A.I.R. that all individuals with special needs are entitled to recreation services. Whether it is through physical development and athletics, leisure activities, or fine arts, the services provided by the A.I.R. program are designed for all to participate.

Goals of A.I.R.

The ultimate goal of A.I.R. is to promote personal development through specialized therapeutic recreation services for individuals with special needs who are unable to successfully participate in a general recreation program. Individuals will maintain and increase their quality of life through fine and gross physical development, athletics, social and leisure activities, and fine art programs.

A.I.R. Program Goals

  1. To develop and increase fine and gross motor skills.
  2. To develop and increase social and communication skills.
  3. To increase participants self-worth.
  4. To increase personal independence through the promotion of leisure activities.
  5. To increase independence in recreational activities.
  6. To provide opportunities for all to participate to their maximum potential.
  7. To provide specialized training for successful participation in physical development and individual and group athletic activities.
  8. To provide specialized training for successful participation in social and leisure activities.
  9. To provide specialized training for successful participation in fine arts programs.

A.I.R. Staff

Currently, the A.I.R. program is staffed by employees of the Pontiac Parks & Recreation Department and many community volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an A.I.R. Volunteer, please email Maryssa McCoy or call (815) 844-6818.

A.I.R. Programs

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