Humiston Trust

One Hundred Years of Giving

We, as a city and as a community, spent the last couple months of 2020 giving thanks to a woman whose gift and foresight changed the landscape of our area.

Harriet Camp Humiston passed away on September 4, 1920 leaving a Last Will which established the Apollos Camp and Bennet Humiston Trust as a lasting memorial to her deceased father and husband. The Humiston Trust was established for “the use and benefit of the inhabitants of the City of Pontiac for educational and charitable purposes.”

Since the establishment of the Humiston Trust, there have been distributions of more than $18,000,000 for the benefit of the Pontiac community.

The City of Pontiac, in partnership with the Humiston Trust Board of Trustees and the dozens of agencies that have benefitted from the trust, celebrated “One Hundred Years of Giving.” Yard signs all around town designated various recipients of funds from the trust. In addition, The Daily Leader featured stories and photos on the recipients of all. Those stories are below courtesy of The Daily Leader. We invite you to join us as we give thanks to Mrs. Humiston and to the trustees that have been great stewards of her vision. 

Humiston Trust
Humiston Mural (002)