Training and Safety Division


Training and Safety Division is designated by the Fire Chief to oversee and manage the professional development, readiness level, and continuing education for the Operations Branch of the Pontiac Fire Department. The division is also responsible for ensuring there are programs in place to ensure a safe working environment for all fire department personnel. Training and Safety Division reports directly to Operations Branch except for financial decisions which are reported directly to Administration.


Health and Wellness: Manages the overall Health and Safety Program for the fire department. This includes organizing a Safety Committee which reviews current practices within the fire department and makes recommendations for enhancing the overall safety of personnel.

Compliance: Responsible for ensuring that the fire department is meeting the standards set forth by IDOL / OSHA regulations, IDPH statues, and NFPA Standards.

Professional Development: Oversees fire department training program which includes developing, implementing, managing, and documenting fire department training.

Paid on Call / Volunteer Training Program: Responsible for the recruitment and management of the fire department Paid on Call and Volunteer Training Program.

EMS Continuing Education: Responsible for ensuring that personnel maintain their EMS license through continuing education.

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Training and Safety Division Contact:

Capt. Todd Gould
Fire Dept HS_1

Training and Safety Division Assistant Contact:

Lt. Ryan Hanson
Fire Dept HS_12

Training and Safety Division EMS Coordinator Contact:

Firefighter Dillon "Eddie" Prendergast

Email Firefighter Pendergast

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