Support Services Division


Support Services Division is designated by the Fire Chief to oversee and manage all physical needs of the Pontiac Fire Department. The Support Services Division is also the Fire Chief’s designee for conducting all fire investigations within the fire district.

Support Services Division reports directly to the Operations Branch except for fire investigations and financial decisions which are reported directly to Administration.



Oversees the fire department apparatus and equipment Preventative Maintenance Program.

Fire Investigations:

Program manager for the Pontiac Fire Department Fire Investigation Team within the fire district including developing, implementing, managing, and reviewing procedures. In addition, responsible for recruiting and training Pontiac Fire Department Fire Investigators.


Oversees fire department’s communication equipment including radios and sirens.


Manages inventory and purchase of firehouse supplies.

Hydrant Testing:

Oversees the department hydrant testing program and liaison to Illinois American Water Company.

Knox Box Program:

Manages Knox Boxes within the fire district including distribution of information, implementation, and annual maintenance.

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Support Services Division Contact:

Capt. Joseph Hassinger

Email Capt. Hassinger

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Support Services Division Assistant Contact:

Lt. Andrew Vitzthum

Email Lt. Vitzthum

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