Operations Branch


Operations Branch is designated by the Fire Chief to plan, direct, manage and oversee the emergency service activities of the Pontiac Fire Department. This includes fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, technical rescue, and related programs, services, and operations. Training and Safety Division and the Support Services Division reports directly to Operations Branch within the organizational structure of the fire department except for financial decisions which are reported directly to the Administration. The Deputy Chief of Operations reports directly to Fire Chief for final approval of department-wide implementations and amendments and/ or revisions to existing procedures and approval of overtime.


Operational Procedures: Responsible for developing, recommending, implementing, managing, and reviewing procedures for all emergency operations carried out by the fire department.

Staffing Levels: Responsible for scheduling the daily fire staffing levels in accordance with contractual agreements and departmental policies.

Pre-Plan Program: Develop, Implement, and Manage the Pre-Plan Program for the fire district.

Reporting Systems Quality Control: Manages and reviews all generated reporting systems.

Facility Management: Oversees the strategic plan for the current firehouse, as well as, if the need arises any additional firehouses within the fire district.

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Operations Branch Contact:
Deputy Chief Andrew Hoeniges
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