Mission Statement

The mission of the Pontiac Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to protect life and property, to solve neighborhood problems and to enhance the quality of life in our City.

Vision Statement


We strive to preserve the rights of all individuals while providing a peaceful quality of life and feeling of safety from crime and social disorder. We will be continually driven to uphold the dignity of all people in both words and actions.


We embrace modern law enforcement strategies and techniques in community oriented policing and problem oriented policing and adapt as our community changes. We are committed to quality leadership that promotes strong work ethic, values diversity and maintains flexibility.


The Pontiac Police Department will strive to ever improve efficient police response, criminal investigations and crime prevention. We will utilize resources from within and without that will best provide the professional service to those we have sworn to serve and to protect.

Values Statement

Values are what drive us to accomplish our mission. They are the very foundation that we build upon. I am sure you will take confidence in knowing what we, the men and women of the Pontiac Police Department believe in. From the Chief of Police to our youngest member we share these common values and expect to be held to our lofty ideals.


Jim Woolford
Chief of Police


Atop the list sits courage. Courage is doing what is right when others do not agree. There is a big difference between bravery and courage. When your peers agree that your actions are right, that is bravery. An example is an officer running into a burning building to save a life. No other officer would disagree that was the right thing to do. An example of courage is speaking up when others are all participating in degrading comments or actions. Courage often comes at a great personal price.


Integrity guides the actions of the men and women of the Pontiac Police Department. We will strive to act with the highest standards in our moral and ethical principles both on and off duty, in encounters with the public on both service calls and in criminal complaints including arrests.


We hold ourselves to be submissive to the law of the people. We recognize the power and authority we have been granted in limiting the liberty and freedoms Americans hold dear. We pledge to use that power with the utmost care and respect for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.


Our mission cannot be accomplished without the public trust. Our badge is a symbol of that trust and shall be untarnished. We vow to continually earn the trust of the public and keep it in the forefront of all we do.


No system of values is complete without accountability. The Pontiac Police Department expects our employees to take responsibility for their actions and inactions both internally and externally. We will vigorously investigate criminal, ethical and legal violations without impunity and will act promptly to correct, discipline or remove violators.


The Pontiac Police Department recognizes that our mission and our values are insignificant if accomplished alone. We value our partnership with the community, we care about the people we live and share our community with and desire to be great partners with our fellow officers and criminal justice partners. We believe that an integrated team approach is how solutions are created.