Garage Sales - Rules & Signs

City of Pontiac Zoning Codes, Section 103-26 states the following: Garages sales, Estate sales, Yard sales, retail sale parties and other similar functions held at a residence shall not constitute a home occupation and shall be permitted under this ordinance as incidental to a residential use, provided that said activity is not conducted for more than six (6) calendar days during any calendar year, which may be, but need not be, consecutive.

Garage Sale Sign

Pontiac Zoning Code, Section 103-442 for General Standards for Signs, states the following:

  1. No sign shall be located in the vision clearance triangle of a corner lot
  2. No sign shall be attached to a tree or utility pole, nor attached to public traffic signals. 
  3. No sign shall be located on any property except for the property in which the garage sale is taking place.

It is the responsibility of the citizen to follow the regulations listed above and any person who placed the allowed "garage sale" signs through out the community must REMOVE said signs immediately after the sale. Signs which are posted that do not follow the above regulations shall be removed.