Mosquito Control


Our mosquito control program aims to reduce mosquito populations that not only can cause potential health problems, but also cause discomfort for people enjoying the outdoors. Mosquito borne diseases include West Nile Virus, malaria, and yellow fever in humans, and even can transmit canine heart worm to dogs. Mosquito control is an important service provided to our community.

Reducing Mosquito Breeding Sites

The city treats sewer catch basins with larvicide to reduce mosquito broods before they reach the adult stage of life. Crews treat catch basins monthly beginning in May and continuing through September.

Spraying applications for adult mosquitoes are conducted periodically throughout the summer months.

An important factor in mosquito control is to remove breeding sites. Mosquitoes can breed in standing water in as little as seven days under proper conditions, and adult mosquitoes will shelter themselves in tall grass. Residents are encouraged to maintain their properties by removing completing general maintenance on their property by:

  • Keep laws mowed and trimmed to deter adult mosquitoes from resting in tall grass
  • Maintain swimming pools so water will not become stagnant
  • Reducing standing water by making sure containers such as trash cans, buckets, bottles, loose tires, and any item that has the potential to hold water are free of water

These simple steps to reduce mosquito breeding sites will aid the community greatly.