Collection Information

Recycling is collected the same day as garbage. The City of Pontiac uses a single stream collection method, meaning you can place all recyclable materials in a single container.

Accepted materials include plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals. All materials must be placed in a recycle container or blue recycle bag. Large items such as large boxes should be cut down or collapsed to allow easy collection.

Items not accepted include rubber, glass, appliances and large bulky items, containers with liquid.

Blue Bag Recycling

The city has partnered with Republic Disposal to provide residents another option to place recyclables curb side. They are available in rolls of 50 bags for purchase at city hall for $5 per roll. The bags of recyclable material are placed at the curb for collection and the bags themselves are recycled. Only blue bags can be utilized for recycling, regular trash bags are not allowed.