Why is My Sewer Bill So High

Sewer charges are based on how much water you use. If your bill has increased, it reflects an increase in the amount of water you used based on readings provided to the city by the Illinois American Water Company.

If you have had a plumbing problem, i.e., leaking faucet or toilet, that would cause an increase in the amount of water you used and the amount of your sewer bill. An adjustment to your sewer bill can be made upon verification that the problem has been repaired.

If you have a swimming pool that needs to be filled, an adjustment can be made to your sewer bill. Please contact the sewer billing department at (815) 844-5740 before you begin to fill the pool. You will need to provide the size of the pool and its gallon capacity.

The monthly charge for residential garbage pickup within the city limits is $18.84.