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Registered Building Contractors
The list of registered building contractors is subject to change.  Please ask your contractor if he/she is registered with the City of Pontiac, or contact the Building & Zoning Office at Pontiac City Hall (815) 844-1038. 

 Company or Individual  Type of Work  Registration #
 AA Landscaping Services  Landscaping & Lawn Care  2017434
 A & R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.  HVAC Contractor  2017395
 Abraham, Bill  Masonry & Concrete Contractor   2017129
 All Season's Contracting  General Contractor/Roofing  2017179
 All Seasons Roofing  Roofing/General Contractor  2017345
 All Types Fence, Inc.  Fencing Installation  2017012
 Associated Constructors Co., Inc.  General Contractor  2017382
 Atwood Electric  Electric / Signs  2017125
 Augspurger Construction   Roofing Contractor   2017350
 B.D.I. Plg., Htg. & A/C  PLG, HTG & A/C  2017001
 Baker Electric & Development  Electrical Contractor  2017402
 Bath Fitter  Bathroom Remodeling  2017435
 Baxter's Locksmith & Security  Locksmith, Security  2017415
 Betterway Siding & Window  General Contractor  2017244
 Bradbury Tree Service  Tree Service  2017448
 Brandenburger Plumbing, Inc.  Plumbing Contractor  2017406
 Broerman Builders  General Contractor  2017032
 Brooks Construction & Home Maintenance  General Contractor  2017014
 Catalyst Construction Inc.  General Contractor  2017404
 Charles Harder Plumbing      Plbg., Htg. & A/C  2017168
 Chief City Mechanical  Plumbing Contractor  2017173
 Cleary Building                                                 General Contractor  2017185
 Clover Signs LLC  Sign Contractor   2017272
 Coach House Garages  General Contractor  2017172
 Commercial Refrigeration of Central Illinois  Refrigeration Contracting & Service  2017403
 Crosscom, Inc.  General Contractor  2017429
 Dan Ramsey  General Contractor  2017147
 Designs & Signs by Andersen  Sign Contractor   2017062
 Dillman Brothers  Roofing & Siding  2017379
 Dirt Cheap  General Contractor   2017417
 Diversified Mechanical, Inc.  Heating & Cooling Contractor  2017380
 Dodson Plumbing  Plumbing Contractor  2017003
 Durham Electric  Electrical Contractor   2017026
 Edelman Electric, Inc.  Electrical, HVAC, Regrig. & Plumbing  2017027
 Emberton Plumbing  Plumbing, HVAC & Electric  2017030
 Feldco Factory Direct  Window Installation  2017205
 Floors and More Construction, LLC  General Contractor  2017340
 Fox Builders  General Contractor  2017022
 G.A. Rich & Sons, Inc.  Plumbing Contractor  2017265
 Grasser's Plumbing & Heating  Plumbing & Heating Contractor   2017437
 H & D Quality Builders  General Contractor  2017338
 H. J. Eppel  General Contractor  2017004
 Harner Contracting  Excavation/Landscaping  2017277
 Harold O'Shea Builders  General Contractor  2017438
 Hart Construction  General Contractor  2017170
 Hoerr Construction   General Contractor  2017449
 Home Depot At Home Service  General Contractor  2017261
 Hulse Excavating  Excavating Contractor  2017087
 Ifft Quality Fencing  Fencing Contractor  2017060
 Illini Plumbing, Inc.  Plumbing Contractor  2017450
 Isaacson Concrete & Excavating  Excavating/Sewer/Foundation  2017405
 J.A. Fritch & Sons, Inc.  Hvac Contractor  2017252
 Jay Zehr Plbg., Htg & Cooling  Plumbing, Htg & HVAC  2017398
 JB Contracting Corp.  Plumbing Contractor  2017451
 Johnson Home Improvement  General Contractor   2017305
 JR Electric, Inc.  Electrical & Plumbing Contractor   2017017
 JustCore, Inc.  Concrete Construction   2017410
 Just Rite Acoustics, Inc.  Acoustical Contractor   2017219
 Kankakee Valley Construction   Heavy Highway & Bridges  2017402
 Koeller Plumbing & Heating  Plumbing & Heating Contractor  2017088
 Landrus Roofing & Construction
 General Contractor  2017006
 Light-Crete Products and Service, Inc.  Floor Underlayment Construction  2017439
 Lyons Brothers Heating & A/C  HVAC Contractor  2017045
 Mark Lewis  General Contractor  2017440
 Matco Fire Protection, Inc.  Fire Sprinkler Contractor  2017355
 McConnaughhay & Sons Roofing & Remodeling  Commercial Roofing Contractor   2017441
 McCoy Construction  General Contractor  2017009
 Metcalf-Martin Plumbing & Heating  Plumbing & Heating Contractor  2017236
 Michael Huff Roofing and Construction  General Contractor/Roofing  2017442
 Mid-Illinois Electric  Electrical Contractor   2017005
 Mid-Illinois Mechanical  General Contractor  2017331
 M.J. Electric, LLC  Electrical Contractor  2017430
 Morton Buildings, Inc.  General Contractor  2017333
 My Fathers Handyman Service  General Contractor  2017136
 Nelson Wall Systems, LLC  Drywall Contractor   2017420
 Netsource Solutions, Inc.  Low Voltage Electrical Contractor  2017288
 North American Roofing Services, Inc.  Roofing Contractor   2017421
 Nugent Roofing  Roofing Contractor   2017427
 Opperman Construction  General Contractor  2017024
 Outsen Electric, Inc.  Electrical Contractor   2017422
 PDK Tree &  Lawn Service  Tree Work & Lawn Care  2017182
 Perfect Choice Exteriors, LLC  General Contractor/Roofing  2017216
 Pfaff Roofing and Construction  General Contractor  2017057
 PIPCO Companies, Ltd.  Fire Sprinkler Contractor   2017214
 PJ Hoerr, Inc.  General Contractor  2017166
 Popejoy, Inc.
 General Contractor  2017047
 Popejoy Roofing  Roofing Contractor  2017452
 Prairie Signs, Inc.  Sign Contractor   2017040
 Rainbow Signs, Inc.  Sign Contractor  2017431
 Rambo Construction & Interior Finishing
 General Contractor  2017132
 Refrigeration Services, Inc.  Refrigeration Contractor   2017446
 Rich Plumbing, Inc.  Plumbing Contractor   2017424
 Ricketts Refrigeration, Inc.  HVAC/Refrigeration/Plumbing  2017445
 River City Construction LLC  General Contractor  2017307
 Rob Mehalic Streator Decorators  Painting Contractor   2017269
 Robert Shay Land Improvement  Excavating Contractor  2017242
 Robisky's Tree Service  Tree Service  2017447
 RTJ Electric, Ltd.  Electrical Contractor  2017358
 Russow Home Exteriors  General Contractor  2017149
 SAC Wireless, LLC  Telecommunications  2017342
 SBC Heating & A/C  HVAC Contractor  2017053
 Sealtite Insulation & Coatings  Insulation Contractor  2017248
 Sears Home Improvement  General Contractor   2017201
 Slagel Insulation  Insulation, Flat Roof Installation  2017059
 Smith's Plumbing  Plumbing, Heating, HVAC  2017008
 Steidinger Brothers, Inc.  General Contractor/Plbg, Htg, HVAC  2017407
 Sullivan Construction  General Contractor  2017078
 Sunrise Pool Builders, Inc.  Pool Contractor   2017425
 Superior Landscaping  Landscaping  2017109
 T & T Cartage  Asphalt Paving  2017212
 Tim Mehn  General Contractor   2017428
 Tom Porzelius  General Contractor  2017426
 TomKat Roofing  Roofing Contractor   2017148
 Union Roofing  Roofing  2017049
 Value Estimating & Consulting   Electrical Contractor  2017453
 Vissering Construction Co.  General Contractor   2017011
 Walter Beach Plumbing  Plumbing Contractor  2017454
 Warner Plumbing  Plumbing Contractor  2017455
 Weather Seal Nu-Sash of Kankakee  General Contractor  2017344
 Weber Electric, Inc.  Electrical Contractor  2017347
 Wilcox Electric & Service  Electrical Contractor  2017390
 Window World  Window Replacement  2017072
 Wm. Masters, Inc.  Electrical/HVAC/Plumbing  2017206
 Woodburn Construction  General Contractor   2017202
 Zavada Construction Co.  General Contractor  2017413
 Zeller Electric, Inc.  Electrical Contractor  2017414

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation regulates roofing contractors within the State of Illinois.
All roofing contractors must be licensed through the State, as well as registered with the City of Pontiac.
Contractors who are not properly licensed through the State are prohibited from doing roofing.  Below is a list of State licensed roofers, who are also registered with the City of Pontiac:

 All Seasons Roofing  104016918  Unlimited
 Augspurger Construction, Inc.  104016726  Unlimited
 Broerman Builders  104016007  Unlimited
 Cleary Building Corp.  104002640  Unlimited
 Dillman Brothers  104005645  Unlimited
 Landrus Roofing & Construction  104015223  Limited
 North American Roofing Systems, LLC  104000381  Unlimited
 Nugent Roofing  104016563  Limited
 Perfect Choice Exteriors  104016978  Limited
 Pfaff Roofing  104015866  Limited
 Slagel Insulation  104015479  Unlimited
 TomKat Roofing  104002387  Unlimited
 Union Roofing  104000001  Unlimited

Using a contractor for roofing who is not licensed with the State of Illinois is a Class A misdemeanor.